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Posted on: 11/05/2021

How To Transport Classic Cars Correctly

Written by: Eco Trailer

Whether you have a collection of expensive vintage cars or you have a racecar that is too powerful for the public roads, you’ll want to find the perfect way to get your vehicle from A to B. Heavy duty trailers are made for this task. Protecting your vehicle on your journey from your home to the race track or car show will be vital in ensuring the maintenance of your car. Allowing for the safe and protected transport of your car collection can be increased by finding the perfect trailer for the job, as well as how to correctly use it is vital.

What Trailer Should I Purchase?

When looking at commercial car trailers you will have to think about your particular needs and that of your vehicles. Are you looking to transport multiple cars at once? Will you be judged on appearance as soon as you arrive? Are there legal requirements preventing you from driving the towed vehicle on the roads? There are many types of heavy duty trailers that will aid you for any of these issues.

For anyone looking to take classic cars to exhibits and car shows, car trailers are a great choice. Transporting a rare car can be stressful and older models can be more vulnerable to possible damage, and repairs can be expensive or non existent in some cases. Having your car completely enclosed in a solid trailer will grant you peace of mind that your vehicle will make it to your destination in pristine condition.

When looking to transport multiple vehicles you will be able to find modern vehicle transporters that are equipped to carry up to six vehicles at once. But keep in mind that you will need insurance when carrying a load like this. A lot of providers of this service will be insured for millions of pounds and will offer additional services to increase the insurance if you wish.

How to Safely Load and Unload a Classic Car

Having the equipment is one thing however knowing how to correctly use it is another. Heavy handed attempts of loading and unloading your vehicles onto car trailers can cause a lot of damage to the bespoke vehicle they carry, leading to costly fixes.

Be aware of the weight of your load and how much the towing vehicle can handle. The first, most important step, you will need a powerful car to pull your trailer. As well as the weight, make sure that the trailer you choose is sized well in proportion to the car which is going to be towing it.

It is also best to consider the size of your trailer in comparison to the vehicles it will be carrying. Enclosed car trailers will be limited in width and height and giving the car some space either side will allow for smoother transport. Before you start loading the car onto the trailer assess the car itself. If you are transporting a sports car with a minimal ground space underneath, then you may need additional equipment to help this onto the trailer without damage. 

Unloading a vehicle will need plenty of time and a keen eye. When backing your vehicle off a trailer, have someone guiding you, but most importantly take your time. Rushing the unloading process will make any little bumps become serious issues and could cause knock on damage.

Car trailers will provide safety and protection to the majority of classic cars and super vehicles. When traveling around the country to different shows and races you may come across different things to compromise your cargo. Choosing a car trailer will be an investment in your classic car collection. The care you give your cars shouldn’t stop when it comes to the transport and handling of your on the way to exhibits.
If you’re still after some advice on the best trailer for your prized vehicles, then get in touch with our expert team here at Eco Trailer, we’d love to help!