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Posted on: 12/05/2021

Does Fitting a Towbar Affect Insurance?

Written by: Eco Trailer

Protecting a car all-year-round is vital, but especially so during the winter when icy roads can cause great injury. What’s more is that if you have a towbar fitted during these months can cause much more substantial damage and not informing your insurance company can cause policies to become invalidated.

Should I let my insurer know about my towbar being fitted?

It’s imperative that insurance companies know you’re fitting a towbar as it counts as a modification to a vehicle. By informing your insurance company, you’re able to adjust your policy accordingly so as to keep within the law. 

Why should an insurance company know about a towbar?

Since a towbar is considered a car modification, this can affect your insurance premium and can be assessed in terms of accidents and risk of theft. A benefit of this is that having a towbar fitted means you can tow other vehicles such as caravans and boats (although this can increase the risk of accidents on a policy). 

The price of insurance depends on the place you are insured at. The towbar shouldn’t increase insurance, however vehicle owners can be charged a service fee if it is being added to the vehicle they currently drive. Some other companies could decide to increase your policy premium so if you’re on a budget, it may be ideal to look for alternative quotes.

Am I covered for damage to my towbar?

This again, depends on the insurance company. If a towbar is added to the policy, it could be covered for damages, however it’s quite important that you have this clarified before you have chosen the right quote for your new modification. 

Whilst there are many things to consider when it comes to towbars, it’s vital to take them into account to ensure you’re getting the best quote and are covered for theft or damage to your vehicle if you’re using it away from home. There are many companies that offer towbar insurance, so be sure to take your time sifting through them and finding the right one.